The goal of PIZZARO is to develop a software solution for identification of imaging devices and data and for reconstruction of acquired images and video. Nowadays, forensic analysis of digital photographs, video, and corresponding scanning devices is an important part of crime investigation and lawsuits. Imaging devices such as digital cameras and camcorders are commonly available, moreover some of the criminal acts are directly dependent on them (children pornography). Project PIZZARO develops tools that improve the analysis of digital images and videos, and outperform existing methods currently used in crime investigation.

PIZZARO aims at three issues related to the digital images, their acquisition and analysis:

  • identification of imaging device
  • verification of acquired images
  • insufficient quality of acquired data for further analysis 


PIZZARO project will be presented at:
7th European Academy of Forensic Science Conference

 Prague 6 - 11 September 2015


PIZZARO project was presented at:
Analytical Prague 2014
international police conference in Prague
3.-5. 11. 2014



Welcome to the project PIZZARO site

The purpose of this site is to provide contact between developers and users of the application Pizzaro.


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Institute of Criminalistics Prague Czech Police

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